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Delicate Italian grissini breadsticks are one of the most popular snacks of the Apennine Peninsula. They are delicious, crunchy and taste perfectly with Italy’s favourite prosciutto or speck. Grissini breadsticks were introduced to the Italian cuisine by a 17th century aristocrats from Turin for whom tasting rounded breadsticks was an element of an elegant diet. Since then, the best quality grissini breadsticks have been made by rolling bread with one’s hand and forming the desired shape in that manner. Alma Delicatessen offers the original Italian grissini breadsticks with salt, rosemary, sesame seeds and olives. Crispy breadsticks which are thin as a pencil are perfect as a snack.


  • Vitavigor

    Vitavigor offers delicious grissini in four flavours: traditional, with rosemary, with garlic and il gusto. This is one of...

  • Hosta

    Grissino breadsticks were introduced to the Italian cuisine in the 17th century by Turin aristocrats for whom eating rounded...



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