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Alma Market SA właściciel platformy oraz, wykorzystuje pliki cookies, w celach statystycznych oraz reklamowych. Przystępując do korzystania z platformy, możesz zmienić ustawienia służące do obsługi cookies w przeglądarce internetowej.
Jeśli nie dokonasz zmiany ustawień, przeglądanie platformy nastąpi z wykorzystaniem wymienionych plików.

  • Ready meals

    You no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal. Sometimes it is just enough to pick up a healthy and nutritious instant dish...

  • Coffe and tea

    Alma offer over 200 varieties of exquisite coffee blends from Italy, Brazil, Jamaica and Kenya.

  • Pasta

    Tube-shaped, twisted, tagliatelle and spaghetti – Alma Delicatessen offers you the choice of over 70 types of pasta imported from Italy, Austria and...

  • Drinks and waters

    Nothing is as refreshing as your favourite beverage in the middle of a hot summer day. Alma offers a wide variety of beverages, and everybody will...

  • Olive oils and...

    Abundance of different flavours and scents of olive oils is comparable to the ones of the wine.

  • Fruits and...

    Fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered to Alma Delicatessen twice a day – our goal is to make them taste as fresh as possible.

  • Bread

    The smell of hot bread with crispy crust and soft crumb will lead you straight to our bread counter where you will find a few dozen types of breadstuffs.

  • Breakfast products

    Nutritious and delicious breakfast is essential for a successful day, regardless of the fact what is on your plate – whether one of a few dozen of...

  • Snacks

    Salty, sweet and crispy – everybody has their own favourite snacks between meals which help to take the edge off their appetite. Alma Delicatessen...

  • Spices

    All you need is just a little bit to make your dish more expressive or to change the way it tastes. Alma has a rich offer of spices and seasonings which...

  • Cheeses

    Cheeses prove that milk can have a thousand different tastes. In particular, this is because in the kitchen cheese can be used in a virtually unlimited...

  • Rices and Groats

    Both are attractive sides to main dishes. However, they can also serve as their base. Alma Delicatessen offers a few dozens of kasha and rice varieties.

  • Sweets

    Nothing is better to turn a tedious day into a good day than your favorite biscuits or chocolates. Unique combinations, pralines with exceptional...

  • Vegatable preserves

    Olive pastes, original pesto, snacks in the form of vegetables baked in olive oil, sun-dried cherry tomatoes… all so typical of the cultural and...

  • Cured meats and...

    In order to turn a regular sandwich into a real feast, it is enough to stop by the Alma Delicatessen. A wide selection of traditional cold cuts and...