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Within the Capital Group Alma Market S.A. owns 46,5 percent of Krakchemia S.A. shares, as well as 100 percent of shares in the following companies: Krakowski Kredens Tradycja Galicyjska S.A., Alma Development Sp. z o. o., Paradise Group Sp. z o. o. and in five SPV companies.

The Alma Market company was founded in 1991, in Cracow. The Alma Market company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange from July 28, 1994. The majority shareholder is Jerzy Mazgaj (current Chairperson of the Alma Market company). As at 30.06.2016 The company employs more than 3 100 people. The company's main activity is the retail of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) branch articles through the Alma delicatessen chain. Currently the chain constitutes 48 locations in several grand Polish cities (Krakow, Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Nowy Targ, Tarnów, Pruszków, Piaseczno, Rybnik, Gdynia, Katowice, Bydgoszcz, Sopot, Łódź, Zielona Góra, Opole, Olsztyn, Rzeszów, Lubin, Lublin, Częstochowa, Szczecin, Konstancin-Jeziorna), at a total surface area exceed 100,000 sqm. The Company plans to launch a new stores in: Warsaw, Krakow, Tri-city and other major Polish cities*.

The Alma delicatessen strategy focuses on the sale of the highest quality grocery products acquired from verified local and foreign suppliers. Our selection includes over 60,000 products, among which over a 3 000 are imported directly by Alma, and are available only at Alma delicatessen chain stores.

In March of 2007 the Alma Market company introduced its own brand, the Krakowski Kredens (Cracovian Cupboard), classified in the premium grocery product category. The brand includes various product lines such as: meats, lards, soups, canned vegetables, mushrooms, mustards, juices, preserves, sweets, teas, and liquors. All products are produced specially to meet the demands of the Krakowski Kredens brand by small local companies, and are prepared according to historical Galician recipes. In the initial phase of brand promotion, Krakowski Kredens products has been distributed at displays located in Alma delicatessen chain stores. As at March 2014 products of Krakowski Kredens are avaliable in each of Alma Market stores as well as at 47 independent sales points at prestigious locations in grand cities.


In November of 2012 the Alma Market company introduced more than 200 Food & Joy products, covering a wide range of food products, such as: dairy products, bulk products (e.g. pasta, rice, sugar cane), sauces, olive oil and olives, jams and preserves, fish, dumplings and other frozen foods, water and beverages (juices, coffee, tea), sweet and salty snacks, wine and other products.


Property is another investment focus. The subject responsible for this segment of the market is Alma Development Sp. z o.o. and five SPV companies.

Krakchemia S.A. specializes in the trade and distribution of chemical products such as: synthetic materials, chemical reagents, and construction chemistry. In 2004 Krakchemia became a joint stock company.



 *Data from the financial statements published on the day 30.06.2016