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Various types of salads, grilled or steamed vegetables – nothing can diversify a meal as a proper selection of mixed vegetables. Beautifully purple eggplants, colorful bell peppers, sweet chestnuts, which are becoming more and more popular as a snack – the world of vegetables has much more secrets which are waiting for you to discover them.


  • Sweet patato

    The sweet potato is a vegetable similar in taste and flavour to our own familiar potato. The edible part of the plant is a...

  • Pumpkin

    The pumpkin is one of the largest vegetables, with the grandest specimens weighing as much as 50 kilograms! Its delicate flavour and unique colour mean...

  • Artichoke

    The globe artichoke is a flowerlike, spherical vegetable, the edible parts of which are the fleshy lower portions of the leaves and the heart. It is...

  • Marrow

    The marrow, so much like a cucumber in shape, is enticing in both its sweet flavour and vibrant colours, ranging from pale green to orange and yellow in...

  • Aubergine

    The aubergine, with its skin of deepest purple, has a white flesh with a delicate flavour praised by lovers of good cuisine all over the world. It tastes...

  • Spinach

    Spinach originated in Persia, but has been a feature of European cuisines since the 10th century. There are four seasonal varieties, which are strictly...

  • Rocket

    Rocket is one of the most popular varieties of salad leaves originating from the Mediterranean region. The leaves have a distinctively delicate, peppery...

  • Lamb's lettuce

    Lamb’s lettuce has tiny leaves of a light- or dark-green hue. Highly fragrant and with a surprisingly refreshing flavour, lamb’s lettuce is...