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Many varieties of bread are delivered to our Delicatessen straight from family-owned bakeries with long traditions. We offer traditional wheat bread, Italian ciabattas, several types of buns and French baguettes.


  • Bread with black seed from the ‘Ziarno’ (‘Seed’) Bakery

    The bread with black seed is made according to a traditional recipe. What makes it unique is a mixture of herbs and flour...

  • Country-style wheat yeast bread by ‘Madej’ Bakery

    Country-style bread – made with wheat leaven and potato flakes. The rye flour is added in the form of ripe, leavening...

  • Slavic bread – wheat yeast bread from ‘Złoty Kłos’...

    The Slavic bread is a combination of perfect flavour and aroma which result from using the highest quality ingredients and...

  • Rye bread baked on horseradish leaves

    This bread is unique because of the traditional methods of baking, blending and kneading the dough. The rye bread baked on...

  • Whole-Seed Country Bread from the Kowalik Bakery

    The recipe for this bread has been known and cultivated for hundreds of years. Typically rustic, with a crispy crust, a...

  • A meter-long bread (‘Metrowiec’) – sourdough rye and...

    A rye and wheat bread prepared according to a traditional recipe from over a century ago. It contains no supplements or...

  • ‘Pulled’ bread – sourdough rye bread – Piekarnia...

    The name of the bread derives from the manner of preparing the dough before putting it in the oven: a baker ‘pulls’ a portion of dough from...

  • Rye Bread with Sunflower Seeds

    A healthy diet demands the highest quality bread. Rye bread with sunflower seeds is an excellent way of ensuring that...



  • Parmigiana with white Robiola cheese and mint pesto

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  • Home-made muesli – a healthy start every day

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  • Mini pizzas

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