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Even though the flavor of the original chocolate of the Maya – a beverage made from cocoa with chili – became known to us thanks to the Spanish confectioners, the Belgians and the Swiss were the ones who truly mastered the art of making chocolate. That is why when it comes to the most popular types of chocolate – white, milk and dark – we keep looking for the most interesting extra ingredients – violet petals, fruity fillings and exotic spices. All that to make sure that there is so much more to discover in the world of genuine chocolate.


  • Dolfin

    The Belgian company, Dolfin, creates exquisite and original chocolate products. The company is the brainchild of the Poncelet...

  • Butlers

    Butlers, established in Dublin in 1932, offers exquisite, quality, chocolate-based sweets. The company’s products are...

  • Ritter

    It was in Waldenbuch, in 1932, that the first Ritter Sport chocolate was created. With its distinctive, square-shaped...

  • Starbrook

    Starbrook stands for superb chocolates designed for those who adore sweets and aviation. Collaboration between the Belgian...

  • Noble

    Innovation united with tradition, the felicitous pairing of quality and flavour, and sophistication matched with style; all...

  • Valentino

    Valentino chocolates have been produced for over thirty years now. In 1978, Helene De Leener and Willy Roelandts set up a...



  • Pizzicotti cheese skewers

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  • Basil – lemon balm pesto

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  • Gazpacho – Spanish soup (3-4 servings)

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