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Olive oil

Many believe that olive oil can be tasted just as a good wine. It can be surprising with its aroma of flowers and its taste of different fruit. It can be mild or spicy, clear or thick, yellow or green... olive oil comes in plenty different varieties. Its flavour depends on the selection of fruit as well as their place of origin and its climate. Alma Delicatessen offers you a wide selection of olive oils imported exclusively by us.


  • Frantoio di Sant'Agata d'Oneglia

    It is the only consumable oil made directly from fresh fruit. Apart from its highly regarded taste values, it also has the most positive influence on our...

  • Montalbano

    Montalbano is a company modest in size, with many years of tradition and high standards of excellence in the production of...

  • Azienda Olearia del Chianti

    Azienda Olearia del Chianti is a family company located at the very heart of Tuscany, in the Chianti region. The company...



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