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Live healthily

Beef comes back into favor





Beef tenderloin – its most notable feature is dark red color and low fat hypertrophy. The meat is delicate, juicy and tender. It is a rich source of complete animal protein and vitamin B. It is perfect for steaks, chops, roasts, stews and skewers and steaks. Ideal for frying, stewing, grilling and baking.

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Ribeye – is notable for a high juiciness. The meat is dark red with an average fat content. It is a rich source of phosphorus, B vitamins and potassium. Ideal for frying, stewing, roasting and grilling. It makes delicious steaks, slips, cutlets and chops with a bone. Also ideal for stews, and minced is perfect as stuffing, meatloaf or meatballs.

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Rump Steak - a part of upper hindquarter, it is considered the most delicate part after the tenderloin. It is juicy and tender. It is a source of complete animal protein and collagen. Ideal for fillets, cutlets, slips, skewers, meat roulades. It can be baked or grilled.

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Sirloin - it is the cut most delicate in flavor. It has a strong red color with clearly marked a white fat. It is an excellent source of potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and vitamins of the B group. Contains a minimal amount of fat. It is perfect for soups, stews and cutlets. The meat of the highest quality is used to prepare steak tartare.

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T-bone steak - a characteristic steak with a T-shaped bone, which runs through the center of the steak, separating the two types of meat – sirloin and tenderloin. The meat should be firm and juicy. T-bone steak is a great source of complete animal protein. Suitable for grilling and frying, but due to a different cooking time for sirloin and tenderloin, it should be prepared with special care. It tastes best when sprinkled with coarse salt, freshly ground pepper and a olive oil. Keep in mind that the meat is to be seasoned by the end of frying.

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Roast Chop Roulade Steak 
52019_pieczen.jpg 52020_kotlet.jpg  52021_rolada.jpg  52035_stek.jpg 
Stuffed Cabbage Soup Skewer Minced Meat
 52036_farsz.jpg  51826_zupa.jpg 52024_szaszlyk.jpg  52037_mielone.jpg 
Tatar Steak  BBQ  Gulash
52038_tatar.jpg 52039_grill.jpg 52040_gulasz.jpg


Beef is an excellent idea for an appetizer or main course.


T-bone steak with mashed sweet potatoes  

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Ciabatt with steak, gucamole nad cheese 

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Short loin, pepper and onion skewers

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Beef carpaccio 

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 szaszlyki.jpg 49721_4808_carpaccio_net.jpg

Grilled steak with foie gras

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Champion hamburgers

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49725_4797_grillowany-stek-z-foie-gras.jpg 49723_15846_hamburger.jpg