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Fruits are an excellent source of vitamins, they introduce lightness and natural flavors to your meals; it is impossible to imagine our cuisine without fruit. Alma Delicatessen does its best to offer you only the best quality fruit. Our offer includes juicy apples, ripe strawberries, nicely smelling pears, ripe citruses and exotic kumquats, pomegranates, lychees and starfruits. That is a real fruity pocket of pleasure.


  • Pineapple

    The pineapple originates from tropical South America and is currently cultivated in China, Thailand, the USA, Mexico, the...

  • Sweet chesnut

    The sweet chestnut, a species of the flowering plant family Fagaceae, enjoys enormous popularity in the countries of the...

  • Pomegrante

    The pomegranate is classified as a berry in biological terms. It is a spherical fruit, its skin is dark gold or crimson in hue. The edible part of the...

  • Blood orange

    The blood orange is variety of orange that takes its name from the crimson colour of its flesh. It is a hybrid of the pomelo...

  • Kumquat

    The kumquat is still a fairly rare occurrence on the shelves of Poland’s greengrocers. Its size is of a ripe plum and...

  • Pomelo

    The pomelo is the largest of the citrus fruits and can weigh in excess of 2 kilograms! In appearance, it is reminiscent of a...

  • Papaya

    The papaya originates from North America. The flowers and fruit grow from the axils of the leaves and the fruit is classified botanically as a berry. The...

  • Lychee

    The lychee is a small, round fruit covered by a rough and brittle skin, which, when cracked open, reveals a sweet-tasting,...