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EBI reports

RB EBI 01/2013

Report created: 2013-01-22

Information on deviation from a rule of Good Practices by the Companies quoted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange


The Board of Directors of ALMA MARKET SA („the Company”) acting according to par. 29 of the Stock Exchange Regulations hereby informs that it has taken a decision and will not follow the rule stated in point 10 of part IV of Good Practices by the Companies quoted at the Warsaw Stock Exchange which ensures shareholders participation in the general assembly using the electronic means of communication, consisting in the coverage of the general meeting in real time and two-way communication in real time. Therefore the recording of the meeting`s proceedings in its audio  or in the video form will not be placed on the Company’s corporate website. (point 1, 9a of part II of Good Practices).

The underlying reason for the above mentioned decision is the cost of implementing the rule, which in the opinion of the Board of Directors would exceed the potential benefits on the part of investors.   At the same time the Board of Directors declares that remaining principles of Good Practices regarding organizing and proceeding the general assembly are applied, the Company abides by the general legal requirements within this scope and endeavors that it’s information policy is transparent and effective.  Therefore in the opinion of the Board of Directors the Company enables any interested shareholders to execute their rights.