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Asian Cuisine




Ginger is a popular spice in Asian cuisine. It is available in many variants - raw, dried, candied or pickled. It is characterized by a strong spicy flavor and aroma. Often, it is added to tea or coffee, cakes or pastries spiced biscuits it also improves taste of soups, sauces, meat dishes ( mostly roasted pork and duck ), seafood, fish, mushrooms and vegetables. it is considered one of the oldest plants and it’s not only a spices but also a medicine. The most important part of ginger is its rhizome. In this part of a plant one can find essential oils that give it a distinctive aroma. Ginger strongly heats, and therefore it often used during the treatment of colds and flu infections. It increases blood supply to the brain so it is memory and concentration natural stimulant.

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Cloud ear fungus - mushrooms with a distinctive gray- black color. Themselves they do not have a clear taste, but they absorb all other’s very well. They are an ingredient in many Asian dishes. Ideally suited for dishes with vegetables and meats, soups and sauces. Taste best in the company of hot spices. For sale are available in dried form. Before use, soak them in water, they will repeatedly increase their volume. For generations, they are used in Chinese folk medicine, which assigns them to improve the properties of the circulation. For therapeutic purposes you can drink the water in which the mushrooms soaked.

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Sweet potatoes are orange or bright red bulbs the size of our potato. They are commonly grown in the subtropical area. They come from Latin America. They can be cooked or baked. You can use them to make french fries, purees and even add to cakes, pancakes and savory soufflés. Sweet potato’s tubers have a high nutritional values. Edible part of tubers contains minerals and vitamins B1, B2, PP, C and beta - carotene. they also have high amount of sugar, which causes it sweet taste. They also contain large amounts of beta - carotene, with prevents heart diseases and has a beneficial effect on the improvement of dry or damaged skin. This vegetable is considered one of the most nutritious in nature. For comparison, the nutritional value of sweet potato is about 50% higher than of potato. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber, however the energy value of sweet potato is not high.

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Coconut milk is slightly sweet white liquid filling the nut of coconut palm. The amount of coconut milk decreases as the nut ripens. Initially, it is almost translucent water, which with time turns white and settles on the walls creating copra. It is rich in fats, amino acids, minerals and vitamin C. It very popular drink in the tropical climate. The cuisine has almost unlimited use of coconut milk. One tablespoon of it is enough to add a hint of magic to enchant ordinary pancakes with fruit or coffee. In the Thai cuisine, coconut milk is used in curry dishes, soups and sauces. Coconut milk can also be used directly from the can as a drink with a very characteristic aroma and taste of oriental. Coconut milk is widely used, especially by people who care about the healthy look of the skin, hair and nails.

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Sesame Oil - vegetable oil obtained by cold pressing sesame seeds. In Chinese, Japanese, Korean cuisine the seeds are pre- roasted, which makes its color darker and the flavor very intense. In Asian cuisine it is usually used to flavor dishes, in India it is used to frying as well. Due to the presence of sesamine and polyunsaturated fatty acids it helps lower blood pressure. Moreover, lignans from sesame oil inhibit the synthesis and absorption of cholesterol.

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Wasabi - Japanese horseradish plant is grown in the mountainous regions of Japan. It is characterized by extremely strong taste that resembles our native horseradish. However, burning sensation disappears quite quickly in contrast to the sensation after eating chili pepper. In Japan it is available in its original form: as a root, and is grated just before eating, in Poland we can buy it in a form of paste. It is used in combination with soy sauce in a sauce for dipping sushi.

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Saffron is obtained from stigmas of crocuses. It colors food with characteristic bright yellow shade. Frequently used to season rice, seafood, soups and cakes. Goes well with basil and oregano. But be careful, because too much saffron makes the dishes bitter. For centuries, it was considered an excellent cure for malaise and insomnia. It is recommended in treatment of migraines, headaches, cardiovascular and digestive systems. It is considered an aphrodisiac.

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Soy sauce is one of the main spices of Asian cuisine. It is produced from fermented soy beans, roasted grain of rice or wheat and water. Soy sauce can be found in virtually all Asian recipes. Starting from marinating the meat to seasoning sushi as well as with salads and fruits. It gives food rich flavor and aroma. Soybeans provide protein, unsaturated fatty acids, B vitamins and valuable minerals. Benefits from its regular consumption include lowers cholesterol, strengthen bones, it also protects against atherosclerosis and heart disease. It is worth to replace salt with soy sauce.

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Cinnamon is a popular spice obtained from the dried bark of cinnamon tree. It occurs in two forms: grated into a powder or in small rolls. It has a rusty color and characteristic sweetish - spicy, slightly burning taste and strong aroma. It is used to flavor sweet dishes with rice, baked apples and mulled wine and punch. It is also added in small amounts to stews, lamb, fish and cooked ham. Cinnamon powder is one of the best sources of tannins. Cinnamon is beneficial for digestion, antiseptic and fungicidal.

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Chilli peppers in used fresh or as a powder after drying. Please note that the taste of fresh chili is totally different from dried. Peppers can be used whole in almost every slow cooked dish, as it slowly moves the season the foods, giving it the flavor. Different types of chili can be used in sauces, marinades, chutneys and pastes. Responsible for the spicy flavor of chili peppers is capsaicin, which has irritating and warming properties. Chilli increases appetite and helps digestion.

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Asian dishes





Recommended recipes for dishes on Asian style.


Chinese chicken with vegetables

Ingredients: Preparation:

- 2 drumsticks or chicken breasts
- rice noodles
- frozen vegetables
- ginger
- chives
- rice oil
- chilli sauce
- soy sauce
- oriental spice
- mango in syrup

Prepare and marinate the meat. If you use the drumsticks, which are often considered tastier, it is good to cut out the meat from the bones and dice it. If using breasts, you should cut it into cubes or strips. Marinate meat in a mixture of soy sauce, rice oil, a bit of chilli sauce and a pinch of grated, fresh ginger for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then, soak the rice noodles in water until it becomes transparent and tender. Pour rice oil on the frying pan/wok, heat it, add marinated meat with the marinade and cook on low heat for 8 - 10 minutes. When the meat is golden in color add the mixed vegetables and cook for 3-5 minutes. Add drained pasta, cut ginger and chives. Season with oriental spice, a hint of chilli sauce and cook for about 3-5 minutes. Serve with mango.



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