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Find out more about the latest Alma Delicatessen Connoisseurs Club Catalogue

Find out more about the latest Alma Delicatessen Connoisseurs Club Catalogue5958_katalogkk4_08_2011_plakatyb1_400.jpg

Unique porcelain items designed by Anna Maria Jopek, a line of decorative vases designed  by  Hanna Bakuła, exclusive jewellery sets from W. Kruk – these are just a few examples of rewards available to the members of the Connoisseurs Club.

In the 4th edition of the Connoisseurs Club catalogue, available since 1st September, Alma’s customers can find new, unique rewards that can be obtained in exchange for club membership points. Apart from porcelain items, vases and jewellery the rewards include exclusive kitchen equipment and accessories, household appliances and specially designed lines of jewellery and clothing from top brands such as Vistula, Deni Cler or Batycki.

“What distinguishes our program is the unique character of the rewards. We compose our catalogue in such a way that the featured products are not available elsewhere. We closely cooperate with celebrities, are constantly searching the world for beautiful and elegant products that will make shopping at Alma a truly unforgettable experience,” says Klaudia Kulpa, Connoisseurs Club Manager.

The Connoisseurs Club  came into being four years ago. To become a member one needs to buy 200 PLN worth of products (100 PLN during promotional periods) and fill in the application form. Every purchase exceeding 10 PLN is awarded with points which are collected on a special Connoisseurs Club Membership Card. Products which can bring additional points are clearly marked in every promotional brochure. The best customers receive Gold status which grants additional privileges. These include special tasting events and banquets, meetings with celebrities and special discounts from  our partners, e.g. Vistula, Wólczanka, Deni Cler, W. Kruk or Batycki.