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Alma's fall image-building campaign

Everyday tastes better with Alma   

Alma Delicatessen are about to launch a new image-building campaign under the slogan “Everyday tastes better”.

The main motif of Alma’s autumn campaign is the joy of shopping and the pleasure of eating. The campaign characters are enjoying the moment, reaching for their favourite products in different situations, places and company. Throughout the autumn months we will be getting to know each of them and finding about their recipes for a happy day every day.
 “Our autumn campaign is a reminder that buying basic products at good prices can be pleasant and make your days taste better.  The comfort of doing shopping at our stores, the wide selection  of reasonably-priced products make this small joy available to everyone. In this campaign we want to present Alma Delicatessen as a great place for everyday shopping where the highest quality meets the lowest price,” says Justyna Zajączkowska, PR Manager Alma Market.

The campaign will be publicized through newspapers (weekly  quality magazines, biweekly and monthly women’s magazines) and television (TVN and TVN24). Successive stages of the campaign  will also be available for viewing on alma24 facebook page. The media activities will continue until mid-December. The authors of the photographs and video spots are well-known photographers Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek.

The current campaign is yet another  stage of building the image of Alma Delicatessen. Previous efforts emphasized the wide assortment of products and the unique atmosphere and stylish interior design. Now the focus is on the availability of basic foodstuffs such as dairy products, bread, fruit and vegetables, the prices of which are not higher than at competitor’s  stores.

Alma Delicatessen is a chain of 30 retail stores located in Poland’s largest cities. Apart from basic groceries available at reasonable prices it also offers a wide selection of imported products delivered exclusively to Alma. In 2011 three new Alma stores are going to be opened in Szczecin, Kraków and in Warsaw’s district Bemowo. Alma Delicatessen also operates an Internet store,





Below you may look behind the scenes of making new Alma's image-building campaign.






5529_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4311.jpg 5522_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4246.jpg
5528_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4317.jpg 5531_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4425.jpg
5523_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4291.jpg 5707_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4630-copy.jpg
5704_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4520.jpg 5705_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4694.jpg
5703_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4476.jpg 5702_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4293.jpg
5526_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4302.jpg 5534_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4625.jpg
5524_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4276.jpg 5530_20110526-alma-backstage_mg_4373---kopia.jpg