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UNICORN, founded in Kraków in 1999, provides comprehensive support  to people affected by cancer and their families.


UNICORN is regarded by the Polish Psycho-Oncology Association as one of the forerunners of psycho-oncology care in Poland and enjoys the reputation of a “reliable and trustworthy organization that helps people affected by cancer and their families with passion and dedication.”


Starting from May 2009, Unicorn Cancer Care have initiated activities of the CENTRE FOR PSYCHO-ONCOLOGY, the only establishment of this type in the Małopolska region, which provides comprehensive and free-of-charge support to those who suffer from cancer at every stage of their disease. This support includes individual psychological consultations, group psychotherapy, art therapy, psychological skills training as well as consultations with specialists (oncologist, nutritionist, social worker) and rehabilitation and relaxation classes. 


Through its everyday activities UNICORN is trying to change social attitudes towards cancer patients and oncology so that the word “cancer” is no longer associated with a death sentence and social withdrawal and exclusion. So far three national awareness campaigns have been run: “WE CAN SEE HUMAN BEINGS NOT JUST THEIR DISEASE”, “MEDICATION IS NOT THE ONLY REMEDY” and last year’s “THERE’S CHEMO BETWEEN US” .


Starting from 1st September 2011, the Connoisseurs Club will be donating 1 PLN from every promotional sale of products listed in the Connoisseurs Club Catalogue to UNICORN Cancer Care.