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Batycki company, a manufacturer of luxury leather products,  has created a unique line of products for our Gold customers and offers a 20 per cent discount on purchases made in Batycki stores.



Batycki, Poland’s oldest manufacturer of leather accessories, is a family firm. The tradition of the company can be traced back to Lviv, a city renowned for its elegance, from which Tadeusz Batycki moved to the Polish seaside nearly half a century ago. He opened a leather workshop in Gdynia, followed by a shop. The workmanship of the products soon gained recognition of the customers. Fashionable and imaginative designs won the acclaim of refined clients.




After 1989, a breakthrough year for Poland, the company took advantage of the new economic conditions. On Bozena Batycka’s initiative, the establishment expanded into a chain of shops, covering almost the whole of Poland. The Batycki brand name has become a byword for leather products renowned for their fashionable design and attention to detail.


Wind of modernity


The second half of 1990s brought about further changes. A new strategy for the company was created. The ‘Batycki’ logo is limited to a narrow range of leather products, including above all handbags aimed at the most demanding clients. Changes introduced in the company have secured Batycki’s position in the Polish market.




The company sought to find a distinctive feature with which to secure originality for its brand name. Such was the origin of the Amber Collection, created in 2000. A new chapter in the history of the company has begun. A luxurious range of handbags, unique jewellery and fine leather accessories was developed then. It is amber that gave identity to Batycki products.